Our Firm

A Seacoast area accounting firm serving Maine and New Hampshire

Schoff & Associates is a small public accounting firm that provides quality accounting, tax, and consulting services to a wide variety of businesses and individuals throughout the Seacoast area. We understand that each and every client’s situation is unique and tailor our services to your needs.

Our objective is to provide you with quality service from start to finish. We pride ourselves in integrating the latest technology into all of our work—using QuickBooks Remote Access Web-Ex to access clients’ data, e-filing tax returns, and maintaining an in-house paperless filing system. We recognize that technology alone is not the end-all solution and are always available for face-to-face meetings, whether simply dropping off tax return information or needing to discuss a new business venture.

Finally, we encourage our clients to use us as a sounding board and/or advisor when making significant financial decisions. Business and personal goals are often so interconnected that it is imperative to consider the impact that one may have on the other. We have an outside perspective that allows us to provide sound advice based on our years of experience of working with a variety of clients.